Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road Comes Out Nov. 21!

Alternative-read.com (AR) is a website developed by master marketer Sassy Brit as a vehicle for promoting all comers from the writing world. In fact, it's her "anything goes" attitude for looking after her authors that helped bring together, for a special project, the most dangerous rule-wreckers from AR. These are the Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road, a group of authors with some sort of link to AR who sprang at the chance to create an anthology designed to give the reader "a different kind of reading experience." And just to make sure that happened, we took away the rules and let them write whatever the hell they liked.

Sassy is spearheading the Project and is also one of two editors.

Clayton Bye is the owner of Chase Enterprises Publishing, works as chief editor for The Deepening, and is the author of several books and a varied collection of short stories, poems, articles and reviews. Clayton is also an advocate and business consultant for small businesses, including writers struggling to manage their business and find time to write.

Clayton is publishing the Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road project and acting as a second editor.

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